Battle Royale Live Game


Saturday September 21st , Oak Creek, Wisconsin

Welcome to the World’s First, Real Life Battle Royale! You will fight with a field of players on Battle Company Action Parks monstrous outdoor battlefield. Weave through buildings and around obstacles. Hustle to the supply drops and gather your arsenal, finding the most powerful loadout to hunt down the enemies. Snipe a 100m headshot, blast a close quarter shotgun or tap in to the dozens of other weapons and accessories available. Stay in the circle as it shrinks to be the last player standing. Are you the Battle Royale Master?? Prove it! September 21st, limited spots are available. ​Book Now!​


battle royale guns
laser tag grenade laucher
laser tag scar


If you are going to survive then you will need to find more powerful weapons and gear. Do you search for every supply drop on the map? Do you sit back and watch others fight for gear? Make your choice….just make sure it is a wise one! Will you find a Green Shotgun or an Elite Sniper? Body armor or bandages?


No Battle Royale game is truly really the same with out a map that shinks! Battle Royale Live features a sophisticated algorithm that uses each players GPS location to draw the shape of the battlefield. This means for the first time ever you can create the boundaries of the experience. Once the game begins the map get smaller and smaller. Step outside the safe zone you will eventually eliminate yourself in the storm!


Frequently Asked Questions

How does Battle Royale Live work?

Battle company has combined our state of the art tactical laser tag equipment with a custom built GPS power mobile application to deliver an authentic battle royale experience. First, each player is issued a BRX weapon and a mobile device. Next they spread out on to a designated location on our huge outdoor arena to create the map. 3…2….1 and the fight begins! Once the game starts, players strategically race to supply drops that appear in real time all around the map with the goal to find the best loot. Be careful….each player has only one life so making the wrong move can get you eliminated. Will you hide to survive? Or will you be the aggressor. The last player standing wins!

I see Battle Royale works with your custom mobile App… do I need to have my own phone to play?

No, we provide all equipment for the experience which include the laser tag rifle and mobile phone.  Users do not have to use their own phone to play.

How long is the experience?

Battle Royale Live is 1 hr and 15 minutes. This includes registration and a 20 minute weapons and software briefing, followed by 3 Battle Royale missions.

What do I need to bring?

We provide you with all equipment needed. Wear comfortable clothing and proper shoes for moving about the playfield. No open toe footwear and/or heels are allowed.

How old do you have to be to play?

Battle Royale Live is available to all players ages 12 and up. If  your seeking excitement for younger players, check out our on-site indoor arena.

When can I play Battle Royale Live?

Battle Royale Live will be Saturday only. Sessions begin at 11 am and start every other hour, the last one will begin at 3 pm. Players need to arrive ​AT LEAST​ 15 minutes prior to session start time for registration and briefing. Walk-ins are welcome, but spots are limited. Tickets purchased in advance is recommended.

Where is Battle Company Action Park Located?
9100 S. Nicholson Rd,
Oak Creek, WI 53154