Powerful Laser Tag Game Engine and Scoring Software

What is Edge?

Edge is a unique game engine and scoring software that give you greater control over the battlefield. By unlocking the power of our advanced laser tag hardware through WiFi technology Edge will allow you to create new and exciting game modes, manage your players, and of course give you real time scoring.


EDGE 3.0 comes preset with a few defaults: 35 game modes, 90+ weapon created in the new weapons tool, 15 abilities, and 9 melee weapons. Each and every one is customizable for your needs. If that isn’t enough you can created and save an unlimited number of your own games and weapons.



Unlimited Game Types

Create as many game types as your heart desires and save them as a preset. Then simply select that game from the drop down and you are good to go.

Level Settings

Allow players to level up with customizable settings that fit your style of business.

Unlock-able Equipment and Rewards

By leveling up your customers unlock new content and rewards that brings them back for more.

Control Music and Sound

Our sound settings allow you to attach a unique sound track to each game mode and play it over your sound system

Real Time Scoring

Show player and game scores in real time during and after the game with our game history tool.

In Game Lobby Management

Add, remove, or edit players before and during the game

Special Rules

Add special rules and settings and get even more creative with your game modes.

Player Type Creation

Not only can you create unlimited game types but you can also create unique player type and assign them to a game with certain attributes and weapons.

Arcade Mode

Want to create live actor shooting experience and funnel people through? This can be done in our all new Arcade mode.

Live Kill Confirmation

When players get a kill they know it through in-game feedback.

Earn Medals

Players can now earn and track medals they get while playing each game,

Social Interaction

Interact with customers in new ways using the power of social media

Exciting Game Modes!

EDGE comes ready with some of videos games most popular game types. King of the Hill, Domination, Infection, Capture the Flag, and more! EDGE gives your business the power to be creative when developing an experience for your players bringing your vision to life with endless possibilities.


The EDGE Game Engine is the only system in the market that offers a true kill streak experience found in popular games like Call of Duty. Call in a UAV to give away the enemies positions, get upgraded weapons or body armor you and your team, or rain terror from the sky with a mortars, missiles, choppers, and even a nuke! There are 16 Kill Steaks available for you to add or remove from any game!


EDGE will let your players earn medals. Medals are great create additional buzz for your players beyond their stats. With CallSign players can then track all the medals they earned while playing at your battlefield.

“We believe game changing equipment should have game changing software!”

– Aaron Fischer – CEO


Our robust ranking settings allow you to create your own rewards for players to unlock. We are not just talking about giving a player a little number next to their name and a star. This is a full fledged ranking and unlock system just like you would find in the world of video games. What does this mean for your players? Each time they play they can unlock new weapons and custom rewards that you created like: Buy 1 Get 1 or $5 off your next game or the Kinetic Sniper or Particle Rifle. What does this mean for your business….MORE REPEAT CUSTOMERS!

EDGE TERMINAL for iOS and Android

EDGE Terminal is custom built application built for Ipads and tablets that give you and your staff freedom and control over the entire battlefield. Terminal acts a remote control for Battle Company software and equipment making it easier to create Callsigns, manage the EDGE game engine, assign teams and equipment, and run a game or session. Controlling the battlefield has never been easier!

Mobile App Integration!

The number of cell phones in the world is staggering… so we decided to take advantage of it. We created a first of it’s kind mobile application for Apple and Android for your customers named CallSign. This revolutionary smart phone application for the commercial laser tag industry allows players to use their phone for as heads up displays, view their stats in and outside of games, view their personal medals, level up, and unlock and redeem custom rewards! Imagine the possibilities. Battle Company is the first and only company to have a smart phone application that directly interacts with the game!

Available on Google Play and iOS