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When it comes to software in the laser tag industry, Battle Company is focused on creating the most innovative software that money can buy. EDGE releases are exciting times for Battle Company operators looking forward to feature upgrades, an improved user experience, and powerful, new software options that raise the bar for the industry. We’ve become known for “first in the industry” features that have helped both new and seasoned operators take their businesses to the next level. EDGE 4.2 gives Enemies subscribers more options, player management gets easier, and we’re debuting a powerful software asset for your business called Battle Coin!   

No, we’re not getting into the cryptocurrency business…BTC was already taken. Rather, Battle Coin is a tool that enables you to create Upsells in EDGE for individual players. Our operators are some of the most creative in the industry and Battle Coin will unlock your knack for creating custom experiences for your customers! You offer a premium game; Battle Coin can make it even more special. It breaks new ground for upsells in the laser tag industry and gives you the ability to earn more money on every game you sell with by selling a tailored experience!

Over the past decade, we’ve seen a shift in the way video games are monetized. Whether mobile apps or console games, consumers are paying exorbitant amounts of money to unlock items and custom visuals. Some players spend hundreds of dollars buying skins or emotes for their characters; purely cosmetic items that do not give any clear advantage in the game. This emerging consumer behavior has resulted in free games like Fortnite generating billions of dollars in revenue in a very short period of time. 

Character customization purchases aren’t new but they have become a major source of revenue for gaming companies in recent years. These revenue systems normally use an in-game currency for the exchange of digital goods. Whether gems, coins, diamonds, or V-Bucks like in Fortnite, in-game currencies have created virtual economies that give players choices when it comes to their gaming experience. Battle Coin taps into this consumer behavior and only Battle Company operators can take advantage of the revenue generating opportunity it brings!

Now we wouldn’t suggest that you stop charging for laser tag and switch exclusively to character customization as your revenue model. Rather, we envision Battle Coin as a tool that supercharges software Upsells for your business. Upsells that your customers can purchase right at the POS in exchange for customized content for the individual.

How much more could you make from your laser tag business if your customers paid an extra $2, $4, $6, or more per session? With the release of EDGE 4.2, you can design Upsells with features such as custom voice profiles, unique or limited time weapons, and/or an XP booster. Each feature uses one Battle Coin per game per player and you have control over how you build them. Whether you mix it up with custom voices or throw in a 50% XP booster as a promotion, the choice is yours! Battle Coin enables you to use Upsells giving your players those individualized experiences they crave. These Upsells don’t stick to your player’s CallSign’s, they’re only for the active session. Offer them to every customer, every time and see how Battle Coin can add to your bottom line.

Upsell in quantity by enhancing those birthday parties and private events. You can offer the Upsells for the whole party to give them that extra premium feel. Differentiate your party packages and expand your messaging by talking about the custom options and let your EDGE system work harder to make you more money!

When your customers purchase an Upsell, give them a token so your staff will know which one was purchased (e.g. wristband, stamp, badge, poker chip). Your staff only need to check the token for the Upsell, scroll to the player’s name on EDGE Terminal, and simply enable the preset features. Still using guest accounts? No problem, Battle Coin upsells can be applied to guest accounts too!

So that you can get started, Battle Company operators are getting 200 free Battle Coins for you to experiment and devise your implementation. We’ll add the coins right to your EDGE account, all you have to do is request them by filling out our short survey form on the bottom of this page. Battle Coins will be sent to directly from our support team. If you find Battle Coins useful for your business you will be able to purchase more on our webstore. Each game, Battle Coins will be deducted from your account automatically as you collect more revenue on your laser tag sales. We’ll supply the virtual coins, you charge for the Upsells at your POS to maximize your profits!

Laser Tag Targeting Shoots Get an Upgrade - Enemies EDGE

If you’re not already an EDGE – Enemies Edition subscriber, there is never a better time! Enemies Edition will transform your laser tag equipment, enabling you to create linear walk-throughs, target shoots, and live experiences with storylines. All new ways to create profitable lines of revenue as you confidently venture beyond Red team vs. Blue team. Whether creating high-throughput, linear attractions like Ripley’s Believe it or Not, or a small-scale competitive target gallery, EDGE – Enemies Edition will empower the vision you have for your attraction.

EDGE Enemies has been used by businesses all around the world for unique shooting attractions. Subscribing unlocks the Enemies module in EDGE letting you program your headsets to emit and receive damage, independently from the gun. Once your headsets are in Enemies mode, place them throughout the battlefield and/or on your actors. Distribute guns to your clients and unleash them into your attraction. Shoot and eliminate the enemies but be careful, those headsets can fire back if you get too close! Your spectacle attraction will have people talking, and they’ll love checking their score when they finish. Didn’t make the Top 5 for the night? Sounds like a good reason to get back in line and try again! Many operators have already put these proven features to work, so what’s new with EDGE – Enemies in 4.2? When you program your headsets, you can now assign different point values for different types of enemies in your attraction. For example, shoot basic targets to get 10 points. Take down an actors to get 100 points. Or if you’re lucky, take out the boss and get 1,000 added to your score! 

And that’s not all! Past versions of EDGE had just two different enemy types to choose from when building out your enemy/target types. Both the “standard” and “boomer” type emit some value of damage to players within proximity of them. In this release we give you a third option, “Target” enemy type. With the Target enemy type, you can still customize all the normal settings like hit points, respawn time, and scoring but it won’t emit damage at your players. Put together a pre-game warm up attraction for players waiting in the lobby or in your party rooms. Consider installing a small-footprint, 2-player competitive shooting game for your lobby. Let your imagination can run wild with target gallery ideas, EDGE – Enemies Edition can help you make it happen! 

Time for Callsign - Laser Tag Center App

QR code scan for login

Faster login, easier processing, and a great reason for your customers to start using CallSign Live! Players with CallSign on their phones can open a unique QR code on the app allowing them to scan in at your EDGE Terminal stations. No need to punch in CallSign credentials anymore, that’s old-school. Just press the “Scan Code” button on the EDGE Terminal screen and scan in. “Beep” now you’re On Deck!

EDGE- multiple accounts connected to same e-mail address

If you have a group of younger players that don’t yet have an email addresses, mom or dad can now use one email to create multiple CallSigns for the kids. This feature enables every player to create a CallSign even if they are unable to provide their own email address during sign up. 

Callsigns can now contain special characters?

CallSign creation will get more interesting for your players with the introduction of special characters. If a CallSign is already taken, just have your player add curly braces around their name or add an exclamation point at the end to claim their favorite CallSign. As the CallSign database grows, more and more players with similar gamer tags will be able to keep their favorite name with a little help from the keyboard’s special characters including, ! ? ~ # @ _ – ] [ } { ) ( |.

Laser Tag Business Owner Requests... Granted!

Battle Company operators are great at providing feedback and giving valuable insight into how EDGE improves their businesses. Because of this, we’re able to refine features and improve the user experience. In this update, you’ll be happy to know we’ve added some of the features you guys have been asking for! 

EDGE Password Protection 

EDGE’s game engine gives you access to a robust set of features and control over advanced details of your games. Whether you tweak simple options or go deep into special rules, we know it’s important that your changes are protected. Because of this, we’ve added a lock screen to EDGE 4.2. This feature gives you the ability to deny access to sensitive menus in EDGE including the Game Engine, Message Center, Upsells, and more. Be assured, no one will be making changes to the brains of your system unless you have given them access. There’s no password required for the Game Lobby, ensuring your staff always have access to running games for your customers.

Stackable on decks

If you’ve been looking to add CallSign to your operation or just simply want to speed up the sign in process, then EDGE 4.2 is your answer. In addition to the active session, you now have 4 On Deck positions for players to login to their sessions. Whether you schedule sessions on the hour or run one mission every ten minutes, stackable On Deck will keep you well ahead of your players at the login station. Simply assign your EDGE Terminal tablets to a Deck position (e.g. Deck 1, Deck 2, Deck 3, Deck 4) and when your customers sign-in, they’ll queue in their assigned Deck. When you’re ready, call for the Deck and push them into the active game, gear up, and you’re ready to play!

Removed XP and Level from guest accounts 

We’ve removed the ability for guest accounts to accumulate XP. This prevents your guest accounts from gaining rank or unlocking rewards, these features are most suitable for your CallSign integration. 

Testers wanted

It’s always exciting to see a new release of EDGE go out to our operators. We know your commitment to implementing new features is as strong as our motivation for making them. EDGE 4.2 can be downloaded in the customer portal along with firmware for your guns, Utility Boxes, and headsets. 

For this release, you’ll see two versions of firmware in the portal. The first is part of the normal build, updated for compatibility with EDGE 4.2. The second is a brand new, Beta version and it’s built from the ground up! This new firmware gives us at Battle Company better version control and will become the dominant firmware in future releases. We’re asking our operators to give this new version a try and report feedback. We’re looking forward to your comments and excited to see how this new version performs for your business!

Battle Coin Request Form

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