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The Heart of Family Entertainment: Social Gaming

Now that I am back from the chaos of IAAPA, I was able to step back and reflect on the show, our company, and the many discussions I had at our booth. I wanted to share some quick thoughts about us and the industry as a whole.

A term I heard mentioned more often this year at the show was ‘Social Gaming.’ For us at Battle Company, social gaming has always been at the heart of what we do. We all know attractions such as laser tag have thrived because of social interaction. When things like Virtual Reality popped up, players became isolated into smaller groups with headsets and digital avatars, losing the face-to-face experiences, laughter, smiles, and seeing the excitement that are at the core of social gaming. For a time, some Operators were convinced the virtual world would somehow be better than reality. But it’s clear… Simple and fun real-life interactions experienced together are the heart and soul of family entertainment.

Crucial Factors: Buying for my Family Entertainment Center

After the show, operators sift through the numerous brochures they’ve collected, engage in team discussions, and ponder, ‘What new additions should we consider purchasing?’ Year after year, they ask questions related to pricing, floor space, ease of operation, and return on investment (ROI), etc. However, one often underestimated yet crucial factor is the influence of social gaming. This is something I have always loved about Battle Company products. When I watch a group play on the Flash Pads or battle it out with our Laser tag, I see their expressions and interactions during gameplay. These capturable moments cause customers to bust out their smartphones and record for social media. I saw this happen often at the show. The perks of social gaming should not be overlooked, which is why it’s important to add this question to your purchasing process: “Will this product make the most of social gaming?”

Laser Tag and Flash Pads for Social Gaming

The interest again in Battle Company’s modern laser tag and Flash Pads was overwhelming. From mom-and-pop FEC owners up to the largest chains, our booths were packed! I’m always excited to meet new people and talk to existing customers about their success. We enjoy brainstorming new ideas and love hearing about customers expanding, with the help of Battle Company innovations. Customer success has always motivated me and is a driver for Battle Company to deliver better products and services.

We have been at this for 10 years now. I love this industry and our customers. Our love for modern gaming will continue to drive innovation and push boundaries that will provide unique entertainment for years to come.

Brian Sytkowski
Sales Director

Brian Sytkowski

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