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Battle Company offers a modern video game-inspired laser tag system. This equipment can be used as fun for all ages team-building activity anywhere inside or outside at your campground!

Where do I set up my laser tag playing area?

Attaining a space to play should be very simple as you already have the great outdoors at your disposal. Your outdoor laser tag course should be relatively close to the campground and will look similar to a paintball or airsoft field. The average playing area is around 100’ x 100’ ( about 1/3 of an acre) and can consist of stacked tires, barrels, hay bales, inflatables or other obstacles. You can also easily construct small buildings for objective points or for the players to take cover.

Below are some examples of outdoor laser tag courses to give you some insight into how one is supposed to look.

”Our Battle Company laser tag experience has been one of the most profitable investments I have added in the 19 years of my campground business. It made us almost $7,500 in the first 5 weeks and generated more excitement within our guests as the word spread very quickly. I am excited to see the smile that the laser tag games create for our guests and everyone always leaves talking about it”
Gary Quigley / Yogi Bear’s Jellystone at Kozy Rest


Battle Company laser tag equipment will fit perfectly into your entertainment schedule! Include the equipment in themed weekends, holiday events, group birthday parties, team building activities for the youth, and even nighttime games for adults. 

Be sure to take advantage of your Fall season and use your property as a walkthrough zombie shoot. Decorate your wagon to create a spooky laser tag hayride! You can also cash in on more revenue by taking your laser tag mobile. Make the most of your investment and run mobile parties or corporate team-building events. Don’t have an indoor space during the cold winter? You could partner with a local business that can use your services indoors like a gymnasium, recreation center, or school.


Outdoor laser tag is safe, can be played during all hours of the day and night, and implements social distancing


Battle Company has quickly become the staple for outdoor laser tag equipment at any campground. Our sales team continues to stay actively involved in the campground industry by attending trade shows, visiting our clients, and hosting tours at our headquarters in Oak Creek, WI. This gives us the opportunity to meet you and your team in person. You will learn more about the benefits of adding outdoor laser tag to your campground, educate yourself on our equipment and software, and play laser tag first hand in our indoor or outdoor arena.

On average campgrounds typically fund about 15-20 laser tag games per week. More sessions are normally played on the weekend. Below is a weekly revenue projection from one of our current clientele out of Pittsburgh, PA. This campground purchased 24 laser tag units, has 130 sites,10 employees, and is open just 6 months out of the year.

Use our revenue calculator and type in your own numbers to find out how much extra revenue you can make this season!

How much will my guests pay to play?

Your guests will on average pay around $5.00 to play an 8-15 minute laser tag session that commonly involves two simple game modes like Team Battle or Free For All. You will get a lot of people wanting to play on a busy weekend so try and mix up the games a bit to keep them fresh but short. You can also rent out your laser tag​ playing area to a whole family, or bring the laser tag equipment​ to them anywhere on the campground property.​​

“It has been a great paid amenity for our park and we confidently can tell our campers that we have the best laser tag experience”

Rick Spear / Yogi Jellystone park, Estes, CO

The number of parks that offer an outdoor laser tag activity is growing every day! Our energetic team will teach your staff how to run a simple laser tag game, give you some ideas on how to set up your battlefield, and help you with your marketing.

If you are interested in learning more about our laser tag system please contact your sales representative to discuss your options.

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