BRX Rifle – 8 Pack


8 Pack of BRX Rifles – The worlds most advanced home laser tag system


The BRX is a full-sized, bolt-action rifle with rumble feedback and has an incredible range of 600 feet in full sunlight do to it’s class 1 laser. The BRX has unmatched sound quality, is updatable over USB, and comes equipped with preset game modes and weapons types. When paired to your smartphone it offers an unparalleled level of customization making it more like a live action gaming console than a laser tag system. The BRX is the most advanced home laser tag system ever built with features that even rival most┬ácommercial outdoor systems. Package includes a BRX, our new wireless head sensors, red dot reflex scope, and batteries with chargers.

Additional information

Weight 60.0 lbs
Dimensions 30 × 22 × 20 in