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EDGE 3.0 Changelog

EDGE 3.0 comes preset with 35 game modes, 90+ weapon created in the new weapons tool, 15 abilities, and 9 melee weapons. The much anticipated kill streaks and the ability for players to earn medals have been included with this update as well. Below you will find a large of list of many of the changes related to this release. Please note this is are largest changes to date. Please report any critical bugs via our website so we can address it in a timely manner.


The new default IP address on the gun firmware has been updated to The purpose of this change was free up more IP address for arenas and people with many devices. We do not anticipate this ever changing again in the future. If you do not update your computer to the new IP address EDGE will not allow your guns to connect. Make sure you update your IP address on your computer to be

For instructions on how to change your IP address click here.

GAME Tab – Game Engine

Notable changes have been made to the game creation settings screen to customize game play.

Settings Tab

  • Determine starting and maximum armor values
  • Added starting shield and maximum shield  values
    • Shield degenerates over time
  • Weapon Pick-up allows you to eliminate an enemy and take their primary or secondary weapon
  • Turn two handed mode on to requires players to hold red reload button to fire
  • Ranked weapons on/off allows players to use weapons they have not unlocked
  • Melee Reception allows you to choose the direction a headset receives damage from a melee weapon
  • Ability to bind attachments to left and right on the directional pad
  • Disable or enable the receiver on the gun with Gun Sensor

Team Tab

  • Option to hide a team from the versus screen

Score Settings Tab

  • Arcade Mode
    • Arcade mode is a continuous game mode where players can create a callsign, be auto assigned to a gun. Player simply interact with a start game box to begin playing and their game can end based on lives, time expiring, or interacting with an end game box. When the person is cleared by a clear box the next callsign waiting on deck will automatically assign to an available gun. They can then be added to the game.
  • XP can be awarded to players for assists
  • Free For All, Bomb Defusal, VIP and Hostage Rescue game modes have been added
  • Special Rules now include interaction with utility boxes a condition for the players state

Sounds Tab

  • Gun game over sounds for win, defeat, and draw
  • Multi-kill sounds added (double kill, triple kill, killtrocity, etc.)
  • Disable/enable voice announcements specifically on the gun
  • Damage Noise, Death Noise, and Kill Noise sound modifications are available


  • Deploy up to 16 kill streaks on the battlefield
    • UAV
    • Mystery Box
    • Mortar Strike
    • Counter UAV
    • Second Life
    • Body Armor
    • Air Strike
    • Support Package
    • Chopper
    • Air Raid
    • System Hack
    • Care Package
    • Power Weapon
    • Weapons Crate
    • Nuke
  • Lose Streaks on Death ON/OFF
    • This cause a player to lose their kill streak when killed.
  • Automatic activation ON/OFF
    • This will cause a player’s gun to automatically call in a kill streak once acquired. If set to off players can use the Callsign mobile app to activate their streaks.

Weapon Creation Tool

The weapons tool received a major overhaul which will allow you to take full advantage of your hardware’s capabilities. The amount of changes here is the main reasons we were not able to important EDGE 2.4 settings into EDGE 3.0

  • 90+ preset weapons
  • 9 preset melee weapons
  • 15 preset abilities
  • Weapon creation menu adds the create melee weapons and attachments
  • Weapon Categories
  • Weapon description
  • Charge & Loop added to Shot Type
  • Over 40 Damage Type options now available
  • Reload Styles: bolt & shell
  • Disable Resupply: On/Off to prevent a weapon from picking up ammo at a box
  • More flexible Rate of Fire parameters
  • Accuracy, Critical Chance, & Self Damage weapon characteristics added
  • Damage scale for headset and gun
  • Adjust gun and headset range independently
  • Determine Burst Delay, Swap Speed, & Charge Rate values
  • Create more complex weapon sounds with Wind Up, Wind-Down, Fire Mix, and Overheat sound options
  • Additional sorting options on the weapons list


  • 15 preset player types
  • Equip a player type with a melee and/or attachment weapon


  • Over 70 preset accessories
  • Additional sound effects for sound events added
  • Sort By Mode capability
  • Box Mode options include:
    • Target Box
    • Start Game Box
    • End Game Box
    • Clear Box
    • Shield Box
    • Bomb Box
    • Proximity Box


The lighting tab allows you to set global parameters so your hardware best operates within the lighting conditions of your battlefield. This allows you to set brightness levels and default ranges of explosives.

  • Outdoor Mode
  • Gun Health LED Brightness levels
  • Scope LED color and brightness
  • Explosive and shotgun explosive ranges


Players can now earn over 15 medals based on their performance in each game. Medals are displayed on the scoreboard when a game has ended. Players will also be able to track what and how many medals they earned via CallSign mobile application. Below you will find a list of the current medals they can earn:

  • MVP
  • Top Gun
  • Sharp Shooter
  • Trigger Happy
  • Grave Lover
  • Highest KD
  • Survivalist
  • Top 3
  • First Blood
  • The Assistant
  • Double Kill
  • Triple Kill
  • Killtacular
  • Weapons Expert
  • Streaky
  • Streakerten
  • Streakernot
  • Ninja
  • Assassian


  • Manage who is a member at your facility
  • Select a user to view their profile, reset their rank, and/or stats
  • Sort By Joining Date
  • Sort By Member
  • View users’ average kills and deaths per game by enabling Average per game
  • See users’ total number of kills and deaths by disabling Average per game


Game Stats is a new tab that allows you to see the full history of each game played.

EDGE Terminal

  • The new Scoreboard tab allows you to display the total score of each team, and can be outputted to a TV monitor to keep spectators engaged.
  • Ability to change the team and add a player from on deck while in game
  • The ability to control a game when using arcade mode in gameplay.


  • Players can now view additional medals on their phone and track how many times they have earned that specific.
  • CallSign users can see the total amount of games they played
  • Users can now activate kill streaks with their phone.
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