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Laser Tag and Facebook Connect in EDGE 3.1

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EDGE 3.1 gives your customers a new reason to hit the Like button! To kick things off, CallSign taps into social media in a big way with some awesome new features. Players are now able to post their stats directly to Facebook using CallSign’s new share functionality. Not only does this give them bragging rights with their friends, but they can also earn bonus XP on your EDGE system for sharing. Customers can post their scores after every game which will help boost social engagement about your business. The share feature adds a new element to the gameplay experience and can expand your organic reach on Facebook.

Laser Tag and Facebook Business Page Connect Too!

EDGE Terminal also gets a social interaction upgrade with the release of EDGE 3.1. At the end of each game, your staff can publish the scoreboard to your own business Facebook page. This gives customers the opportunity to view, share and tag themselves in the photo! Business owners are always searching for fresh content and this is a great way to keep your timeline alive! Facebook is one of the most effective marketing platforms in existence and by merging it with your game engine, you can easily create more buzz for your business.

Calling All Mobile Laser Tag Businesses

Are you a mobile operator? Then we have good news for you! Before EDGE 3.1, you could run your games with EDGE but Terminal’s admin controls weren’t available for offline use. With EDGE 3.1, Terminal now works offline so you can take advantage of its great admin features. With the new update, you and your staff can move freely about the battlefield during gameplay which makes running your games easier than ever–no active internet required.

Scoreboard Enhancements

As you guys know, our 3.0 update added the Scoreboard functionality to Terminal so you could broadcast scores around your battlefield, like a jumbo-tron at a sporting event. In EDGE 3.1 your business gets more scoreboard options, like the ability to show scores for individual/multiple teams and players, in real-time.

So, How About Those Killstreaks? Utility Box Adds Streak Capability

Another one of those exclusive features that you would only find on a Battle Company system is killstreaks. While our last update unlocked the ability to create a true Call Of Duty like gaming experience, we wanted to take the idea one step further. With the new Streak Box, players can activate killstreaks right from your Utility Boxes so you can easily add these great features to your games. For example, make a nuke available in the last minute of a Domination game that could change the outcome and make the ending really exciting. Give players the ability to activate UAVs every minute or two. Take your time, play around with the killstreaks. You can use Streak Boxes to tweak your existing games with elements that will get your players excited about their strategies. Once again, the industry’s most robust game engine gives you even more powerful tools to create the most epic gameplay experiences for your customers.

Share what you’re doing

By the way, have your customers been nuking the battlefield over the past couple months? We want to see how you are implementing the new features, share your gameplay videos with us on Facebook!


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“My plan for the BRX was to create the biggest, baddest, coolest home laser tag system money can buy.”

Aaron Fischer, Founder


Home laser tag products have existed since the late eighties. The first notable laser tag system was created and released by World of Wonders in 1986. Some of you may remember the little black pistol that came with a sensor you could wear on a strap around your body. Since then multiple home options have come and gone all having this in common – cheesy sound effects and a basic game play experience. We wanted to make something different…something better for the home user…so we made the BRX!

I played a good amount of laser tag as a kid. As a manufacturer it has always been a desire of mine to make a premium home laser tag system. This video tells a little bit of the story behind the BRX and why it is the best home laser tag gun money can buy. Watch the video below!

Interested in purchasing the BRX? Click Here!

EDGE 3.0 – A Real Revolution in Laser Tag Software

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EDGE 3.0 has Arrived!

Here at Battle Company we’ve been preparing for one of our most ambitious system upgrades to date. There has been 8 months of development since our last software release and we are really excited for this one. EDGE 3.0 smashes today’s most popular FPS (First Person Shooter) video game concepts with laser combat producing a complete live-action gaming package. What does this mean for your business? It means your customers will get to experience the most advanced laser tag game in EXISTENCE! The innovations we’ve made are as big as the claim; let us show you how EDGE 3.0 takes live-action gaming to a whole new level.

Advanced Weapon Creation Tool for Laser Tag

Out of the gate we gave our Weapon Creation Tool a major overhaul. You now have a ridiculous amount of customization options under the weapons menu. Want to create a weapon that does ice damage, slowing down your enemy’s ability to fight back? You can! How about adding an attachment that allows players to cast shields onto their teammates? It’s now possible! Sticky grenade launcher? Check! How about a weapon that heals your team members while at the same time poisons your enemies? The weapons tool in EDGE 3.0 gives you the power to make these unique armaments part of your arsenal!

Laser Tag Attachments and Abilities

Two significant weapon enhancements made their way into EDGE 3.0. The first is attachments. Attachments are like special abilities you can bind to the left, right, and mode keys on your guns. Players simply press the button to deploy the ability. Some abilities can be broadcast over a distance while others work in close proximity to other players. Like always, EDGE gives you options. Giving health or ammunition has been around for years but what about new abilities like – Adrenaline. Adrenaline boosts friendly players’ rate-of-fire making them more deadly for a short duration. This encourages teamwork…a teamwork that is just not possible on other systems. New attachments like Pepper Spray or Taser will stun enemies. These are perfect for tactical training simulation games and extremely useful for police and military training exercises.

Laser Tag and Melee Weapons

The second enhancement to the weapons tool is the ability to create melee weapons. You can now create swords, knives, axes, hammers, and even handcuffs that players can safely use in game! When creating a new melee weapon you can choose the direction of attack, damage, rate-of-fire, range, and a sound from our extensive selection of sound effects. Once created the melee weapons can be bound to the mode button in the games of your choosing. To keep things simple for our operators, we have preloaded over 90 primary weapons, 15 attachments, and 9 melee weapons that you can modify and customize to fit your business. We can’t wait to hear about how you use these tools to enhance the gameplay experience for your customers.

Default Laser Tag Ranking Presets Added

Have you been interested in taking advantage of Ranking Settings but didn’t know where to start? No worries…we’ve loaded out the entire section with default unlocks and rewards. Like always these settings are fully customizable by you – the business owner – so you can tweak them exactly to your needs. The defaults give you a jumping off point to launch this powerful tool into your business. Give your players the ability to level up and unlock fun weapons and rewards, it’s sure to keep them coming back for more!

Arcade Mode Opens Up New Streams of Revenue

Have you ever wished there was a good way to send players into the game in waves or maximize throughput by starting and ending players individually? This is what our new arcade mode is all about. You can now add players into a live game by simply sending them past a U-Box broadcasting a Start Game command. The new player will enter the roster and can battle it out with existing players in the game. When a player’s game is over (e.g. out of lives, time expires, or they have reach the end of your experience) they will see their score on the gun as well as our new leaderboard. The equipment can then be passed to the next player in line and you can continue this cycle perpetually. Oh, and the good news is this feature works with CallSign. Players simply login on terminal and are queued to play. When a gun becomes free, their CallSign is automatically assigned to their gun by EDGE. Simply let your customers gear up and join the battle!

Laser Tag Guns with Kill Streaks? Boooom!

Now this one is special. The CEO of Battle Company has wanted to create this next feature since his first webinar and has dreamed about it since the very beginnings of the company. We are proud to announce the first and only, fully loaded, kill streak system in live action gaming! We have created over 15 unique killstreaks that you can add to any game. Want to give away the enemy’s position? Call in a UAV! Want to revive your fallen teammates? Use the Medivac! Rain terror from the sky with a chopper or devastate the entire enemy team with a Nuclear Strike. Kill streaks can be turned on or off and players can even activate kill streaks they’ve earned right from their phones with CallSign!

Scoreboard Addition: Medals

Every game now ends with a medals screen that highlights individual player achievements. Medals provide opportunities for greater social interaction between players. It’s great to know who had the highest score in a game but wouldn’t it be better if you could also highlight other types of player contributions and achievements? Now you can. For example, the most accurate shooter gets the Sharp Shooter medal. The Survivalist medal goes to the player who died the least. The player who scores the first kill gets the First Blood medal. There are even some humorous medals like Trigger Happy (the person who unloads the most rounds in a game) and the Grave Lover (most deaths). In addition to seeing medals on the scoreboard, players can achieve personal medals for double and triple kill, or the Ninja Medal which requires a player to get 3 melee kills in a single game. Every medal is tracked in CallSign so players can see their achievements and have a goal for the next time they play at your business.

Utility Box: Bomb Defusal and Order Activation

We gave the Utility Box some love as well with this update. Bomb Defusal now has configurable options in EDGE. Check out Order Activation, a new feature that enables a U-Box when an action is taken on a different U-Box. The new programming allows you to create some interesting games where players work their way across the battlefield by capturing control points. To use this feature, you’ll need to setup special rules for your U-Boxes, check out the new default game “TEAM-Assault” to see an example.

Other Notable Changes:

  • Game Stats screen allows you to see the history of previous games.
  • Players can be made a “member,” which will show on their CallSign profile for verification.
  • Reset rank and stat settings for individual CallSigns under the Users screen.
  • Add Guest button allows people using EDGE offline the ability to create guest usernames for their equipment (for business owners who choose not to use CallSign). NO ACTIVE INTERNET CONNECTION IS REQUIRED!
  • New sorting options are available in many of the menus for quickly finding the information you want.
  • Lighting tab allows you to set defaults like the reticle and color on your scopes.
  • Target box can now shoot back.
  • Click Here to see the full changelog including upgrades for CallSign and EDGE Terminal.

Best Laser Tag System on the Market

The release of EDGE 3.0 crowns Battle Company as the top innovator in live action gaming with the most advanced laser tag software in the world. No other system on the planet has the rich feature sets you will find in our platform. We challenge you to find a system that can do more…oh and if you can we will humbly pass the crown. Until then, know that when you have Battle Company gear and software you have the best system on the market. Don’t be persuaded by manufacturers that say you don’t need all these great features. That is just plain silly. The truth is we all want our technology to do more. It’s why we have smartphones and why an app exists for almost every imaginable purpose. At Battle Company, we’ll do our part to push the bounds of what is possible in laser tag to keep you ahead of your competition. An authentic live action gaming experience is what your customers are looking for and as your manufacturing partner we’ll do all we can to help you create it!

Click Here to head over to the Customer Portal and get the latest version!

EDGE 3.0 Changelog and Release Notes

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EDGE 3.0 Changelog

EDGE 3.0 comes preset with 35 game modes, 90+ weapon created in the new weapons tool, 15 abilities, and 9 melee weapons. The much anticipated kill streaks and the ability for players to earn medals have been included with this update as well. Below you will find a large of list of many of the changes related to this release. Please note this is are largest changes to date. Please report any critical bugs via our website so we can address it in a timely manner.


The new default IP address on the gun firmware has been updated to The purpose of this change was free up more IP address for arenas and people with many devices. We do not anticipate this ever changing again in the future. If you do not update your computer to the new IP address EDGE will not allow your guns to connect. Make sure you update your IP address on your computer to be

For instructions on how to change your IP address click here.

GAME Tab – Game Engine

Notable changes have been made to the game creation settings screen to customize game play.

Settings Tab

  • Determine starting and maximum armor values
  • Added starting shield and maximum shield  values
    • Shield degenerates over time
  • Weapon Pick-up allows you to eliminate an enemy and take their primary or secondary weapon
  • Turn two handed mode on to requires players to hold red reload button to fire
  • Ranked weapons on/off allows players to use weapons they have not unlocked
  • Melee Reception allows you to choose the direction a headset receives damage from a melee weapon
  • Ability to bind attachments to left and right on the directional pad
  • Disable or enable the receiver on the gun with Gun Sensor

Team Tab

  • Option to hide a team from the versus screen

Score Settings Tab

  • Arcade Mode
    • Arcade mode is a continuous game mode where players can create a callsign, be auto assigned to a gun. Player simply interact with a start game box to begin playing and their game can end based on lives, time expiring, or interacting with an end game box. When the person is cleared by a clear box the next callsign waiting on deck will automatically assign to an available gun. They can then be added to the game.
  • XP can be awarded to players for assists
  • Free For All, Bomb Defusal, VIP and Hostage Rescue game modes have been added
  • Special Rules now include interaction with utility boxes a condition for the players state

Sounds Tab

  • Gun game over sounds for win, defeat, and draw
  • Multi-kill sounds added (double kill, triple kill, killtrocity, etc.)
  • Disable/enable voice announcements specifically on the gun
  • Damage Noise, Death Noise, and Kill Noise sound modifications are available


  • Deploy up to 16 kill streaks on the battlefield
    • UAV
    • Mystery Box
    • Mortar Strike
    • Counter UAV
    • Second Life
    • Body Armor
    • Air Strike
    • Support Package
    • Chopper
    • Air Raid
    • System Hack
    • Care Package
    • Power Weapon
    • Weapons Crate
    • Nuke
  • Lose Streaks on Death ON/OFF
    • This cause a player to lose their kill streak when killed.
  • Automatic activation ON/OFF
    • This will cause a player’s gun to automatically call in a kill streak once acquired. If set to off players can use the Callsign mobile app to activate their streaks.

Weapon Creation Tool

The weapons tool received a major overhaul which will allow you to take full advantage of your hardware’s capabilities. The amount of changes here is the main reasons we were not able to important EDGE 2.4 settings into EDGE 3.0

  • 90+ preset weapons
  • 9 preset melee weapons
  • 15 preset abilities
  • Weapon creation menu adds the create melee weapons and attachments
  • Weapon Categories
  • Weapon description
  • Charge & Loop added to Shot Type
  • Over 40 Damage Type options now available
  • Reload Styles: bolt & shell
  • Disable Resupply: On/Off to prevent a weapon from picking up ammo at a box
  • More flexible Rate of Fire parameters
  • Accuracy, Critical Chance, & Self Damage weapon characteristics added
  • Damage scale for headset and gun
  • Adjust gun and headset range independently
  • Determine Burst Delay, Swap Speed, & Charge Rate values
  • Create more complex weapon sounds with Wind Up, Wind-Down, Fire Mix, and Overheat sound options
  • Additional sorting options on the weapons list


  • 15 preset player types
  • Equip a player type with a melee and/or attachment weapon


  • Over 70 preset accessories
  • Additional sound effects for sound events added
  • Sort By Mode capability
  • Box Mode options include:
    • Target Box
    • Start Game Box
    • End Game Box
    • Clear Box
    • Shield Box
    • Bomb Box
    • Proximity Box


The lighting tab allows you to set global parameters so your hardware best operates within the lighting conditions of your battlefield. This allows you to set brightness levels and default ranges of explosives.

  • Outdoor Mode
  • Gun Health LED Brightness levels
  • Scope LED color and brightness
  • Explosive and shotgun explosive ranges


Players can now earn over 15 medals based on their performance in each game. Medals are displayed on the scoreboard when a game has ended. Players will also be able to track what and how many medals they earned via CallSign mobile application. Below you will find a list of the current medals they can earn:

  • MVP
  • Top Gun
  • Sharp Shooter
  • Trigger Happy
  • Grave Lover
  • Highest KD
  • Survivalist
  • Top 3
  • First Blood
  • The Assistant
  • Double Kill
  • Triple Kill
  • Killtacular
  • Weapons Expert
  • Streaky
  • Streakerten
  • Streakernot
  • Ninja
  • Assassian


  • Manage who is a member at your facility
  • Select a user to view their profile, reset their rank, and/or stats
  • Sort By Joining Date
  • Sort By Member
  • View users’ average kills and deaths per game by enabling Average per game
  • See users’ total number of kills and deaths by disabling Average per game


Game Stats is a new tab that allows you to see the full history of each game played.

EDGE Terminal

  • The new Scoreboard tab allows you to display the total score of each team, and can be outputted to a TV monitor to keep spectators engaged.
  • Ability to change the team and add a player from on deck while in game
  • The ability to control a game when using arcade mode in gameplay.


  • Players can now view additional medals on their phone and track how many times they have earned that specific.
  • CallSign users can see the total amount of games they played
  • Users can now activate kill streaks with their phone.