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“My plan for the BRX was to create the biggest, baddest, coolest home laser tag system money can buy.”

Aaron Fischer, Founder


Home laser tag products have existed since the late eighties. The first notable laser tag system was created and released by World of Wonders in 1986. Some of you may remember the little black pistol that came with a sensor you could wear on a strap around your body. Since then multiple home options have come and gone all having this in common – cheesy sound effects and a basic game play experience. We wanted to make something different…something better for the home user…so we made the BRX!

I played a good amount of laser tag as a kid. As a manufacturer it has always been a desire of mine to make a premium home laser tag system. This video tells a little bit of the story behind the BRX and why it is the best home laser tag gun money can buy. Watch the video below!

Interested in purchasing the BRX? Click Here!

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